About Us

The Pakistan Engineers Forum was formed in 1997 to represent Pakistani engineers working in Qatar.


The Pakistan Engineers Forum (herein referred to as PEF) was formed in 1997 to represent Pakistani engineers working in Qatar.  The idea was to gather all Pakistani engineers on one platform. 

The founders of the organization worked out several bylaws for its work and developed the PEF constitution in 2005, which was later revised in 2011.  Under these bylaws, every year(term) a new executive committee has been elected who runs the affairs of the forum.  Due to their efforts, there are now more than three hundred Pakistani engineers who are members of the forum.  The forum represents the largest group of Pakistani professionals working in Qatar. 


To be the leading forum of professionals in Qatar

As measured by:

  • Innovation and Research
  • Skills Development
  • People Outreach 


Pakistan Engineer Forum (PEF) is committed to achieving professional excellence through its contribution to innovation, research, and talent development within Qatar and globally.

Key Objectives

  • Propose and design PEF organization structure
  • Integrate and bring all professional (Pakistani engineers and professionals) under its banner
  • Conduct PEF talent training & development need analysis
  • Propose amendment and finalize PEF constitution (if necessary)


  • Advance the image of Pakistani engineers & professionals in Qatar
  • Support opportunities for members to network with, and gain knowledge from seasoned Pakistani engineers and professionals worldwide 
  • Provide access for members to a formal “knowledge base” as well as forums for sharing expertise, expressing professional opinions, and building a positive reputation within the Qatari industry
  • Provide opportunities to learn about engineering best practices
  • Obtain and maintain a sufficient level of financial security, sustainability, and autonomy to sustain the forum
  • Create corporate support for Pakistani engineers within the local market by generating marketing/awareness programs and training these engineers for seeking jobs in Qatar
  • Liaise with industry with other Qatari and expatriate professional forums to increase awareness and benefit PEF members
  • Support Pakistani business in Qatar

Contact Number

+974 5597 2022


Doha, Qatar